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A Charmed Life, Squandered

(... because all my problems are first-world problems.)

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Agent Travis Inkerbell
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My name is Mark. Any questions?
achievement unlocked, aesop rock, afternoons with my dad, aged gouda, ambitious failures, anti-sicilian chess openings, artisanal bitters, atmosphere, automation and permanent vacations, autonomous sensory meridian response, awk, bad decisions are viral, barrel-aged barleywine, bash, brains in buckets, brother ali, bruce sterling, call and response, chef's dinners, curated content, curl, dem atlas, dessa, doomtree, driving at night, earning your bullshit, eating seed corn, el-p, escape fantasies, everything2, fictional dystopias, flow state, good clean fun, grand theft auto, guerrilla tech support, hail mary mallon, ham and jammies, he never died, house-made charcuterie, iconic metadata, john lee hooker, jolie holland, lazerbeak is fucking crazy, learning through play, linden hills, lpmud nostalgia, maillard reaction, mechanical keyboard switches, metasyntax, minnesota wines, mr. dibbs, music for headphones, never making excuses, next shit, no gimmicks, ones and twos, oral traditions, p.o.s., pam poovey's back tattoo, periodic fasting, perverse incentives, posix, procedurally generated game content, promise theory, raw denim, regular expressions, repurposed propaganda art, rfcs, rhymesayers entertainment, rjd2, root access, rudy rucker, run the jewels, runbook as code, sage francis, secrets keep us sick, shell scripting, sims, small batch rye whiskey, soul position, south of normal, starting to live right, stophouse, subversive art, surly brewing company, the brotherhood of steel, the elder scrolls online, the laconic non-answer, the long now, toussaint morrison, troubleshooting, true school, turntable hardcore, unlikely parterships, wabi-sabi, walking it off, westworld, william gibson, working from first principles

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